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I believe your Leadership Game left an impact on our management team. I heard several positive and supportive comments during the game regarding Leadership, Teams, Feelings and building confidence both for the staff and us as individual leaders or managers. Honest feedback was encouraged. It seemed like everyone felt safe in participating and sharing which is needed by the management team. By the end of the game management team members learned to appreciate one another and this will help in building positive healthy relationships at work. I am very proud of you and for your continued growth in areas of Leadership, Coaching, Public Speaking, Confidence and following through on your dreams and goals. 

Thanks for sharing your Leadership Game with our Management Team!!

- Jeb

Thank you for your time and talent this morning. You did a great job facilitating the leadership game and brought out good conversations amongst the management team. I took away some good reminders of leadership skills that I will put back into practice.

- Karen

Thank you for sharing this leadership tool with us. It is interactive, eye opener and helps instill in our minds how to deliver effective leadership in the department. Hope you can share this to the other departments’ leaders. Good job! Thank you.

- Joanne

My name is Sylva Oshiokpekhai

I am a Chartered accountant, financial analyst with a significant amount of banking experience and presently engaged in entrepreneurship  developing companies in the maritime and entertainment industries.I currently manage my business having to supervise more that 50 staff.I reached out to Brigitte when I had several challenges I could hardly handle. I was shocked at the improvements/achievements recorded within a short period. She simply unleashed the hidden potential in me which triggered my successful first big win which my class-room academic experiences would never have offered. I dare say that her coaching ingredients are second to none. I'm deeply elated and grateful.The value gained has seen us breaking new grounds and winning deals in excess of $20m and also positioned me to better provide leadership to my team.I'm eternally grateful.


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Hi, My name is Otunba Yomi Ainenehi

I reached out to Brigitte because I needed the right boost in my personal life and my business and Briggitte was spot in the delivery of her lectures and teachings to me. My first big win or value was being able to gain back some of my lost customers whom I lost to my other competitors. Thank you so much coach Brigitte for bringing my business back on track and for impacting my life positively with your world class tutorials and teachings.I will recommend Briggitte's lectures and seminars to everyone.The value that I have gained in my life from Brigitte has helped me to improve in personal life and business ethics Thank you.

Shamara Star Cox

Nacole Ricks

Ricardo Flores


Mattew Lee

Courtney Beckles

Minority owned, woman owned, small business.

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