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Transform Your Life, Embrace Abundance, and Claim Your Crown!

Gurl Millionaire Mindset Mentorship

HEY Queen,

Are you ready to step into a life overflowing with divine abundance , overcome overwhelm and overwork, conquer self-doubt, reclaim your time, so you can fix back your CROWN?. Is your soul echoing with yearnings, eager to manifest the unique dreams and potentials within you?

Join our Gurl Millionaire Mindset Mastermind tailored for women entrepreneurs, coaches, business owners, professionals, and creatives.

Welcome to the Gurl Millionaire Mindset Mastermind where Ambition meets Purpose, and your journey to the

Crowned Gurl Millionaire begins!

Ever felt that deep LONGING for more in life, only to find yourself stuck without knowing why? Do you have doubts if you'll ever reach the finish line and claim your crown? Are you tired of living by the opinions and judgement of others, weighed down by unresolved childhood messages that hold you back, and ready to break free from playing small so you can truly manifest a bigger and better life of your dreams? Perhaps you really want to say goodbye to imposter syndrome and those habits that keep you from doing what makes your heart happy?  

In this vast universe echoing with our longings and discontents, do these words below sound familiar in the conversations you have with yourself? 

I feel like something

is missing in my life,

     but I don't know how to fix it?

I am stuck in a rut

and want to break free

and pursue my passion?

How can I get help to overcome

these feelings of imposter syndrome,

overwhelm, and unworthiness

to achieve the life I truly desire?

I want to join a supportive community

of like-minded women who

can help me achieve my goals?

But I struggle with trust issues!

I am ready to take practical steps

towards living the life of my dreams

But how do i begin?

I want to overcome my

limiting beliefs so I can

show up and shine authentically?

I'm searching for my calling

and longing for clarity

in my goals.

I'm tired of feeling unfulfilled

in my job and seeking

a purposeful career.

I recognize the need for

a mindset shift to unlock

my true potential.

I want to effortlessly attract

those I'm meant to serve,

instead of chasing after them

Well, it's time to own your worth, own your power, and claim your throne.

— Gurl Fix Your Crown™

Gurl, Overwhelm is Optional .

It's time to break free, rise up and reign. 
Join the Gurl Millionaire Mindset Mastermind today! 🌟👑

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Here's What Awaits You:

  • Overcome Overwhelm, Master Priorities

  • Manifest your deepest desires quickly

  • Play Bigger in Life's Grand Stage

  • Cultivate Unshakable Self-Belief

  • Stay Motivated to take bold action towards your goals and dreams

  • Sharpen Your Vision to achieve real RESULTS

  • Master the Art of Decision-Making

  • Courageously Face Fear and Embrace Failure

  • Rise Above Distractions and FOCUS on what really matters

  • Forgive yourself, overcome fear of judgment, perfectionism and other limiting beliefs

  • Exclusive Membership Privileges

    Gurl Millionaire Lounge (Private Facebook Group):

  • Benefits:  Extend the sisterhood beyond the sessions. Connect with a community of like-minded women who celebrate your victories, understand your journey, and uplift you on your path.

  • Crowned Legacy Resource Vault:

  • Benefits:  Dive deep into our Crowned Legacy Resource Vault. It's not just a collection of resources; it's your toolkit for sustaining the Gurl Millionaire Mindset and ensuring lasting growth.

  • Ready to Embrace Your Transformation? Join the Gurl Millionaire Mindset Mentorship Today!

    👑 Your radiant transformation begins now, Queen! Embrace the process and live abundantly! 👑

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    What People Say About This Program

    Testimonials from happy clients

    Billie Welchman

    CEO, Core Solutions Group

    Regina Keeton McKenzie

    CEO, Get It Done Solutions

    Here's What Awaits You:


    Weekly Zoom Meetings

    (70 Minutes)

    Join our sacred space each week for Crown Jewel Mentoring. Dive into empowering moments, where we blend business wisdom, mindset mental renewal, and faith-filled inspiration. Your crown is a symbol of divine abundance!


    Crowning Glory Meditation

    (5 Minutes)

    Take a moment each week to center yourself in the Crowning Glory Meditation. Reflect on scriptures and affirmations, to fit for unique brilliance and wisdom to your coachin


    Power Hour Teaching

    (15 Minutes)

    Experience high-powered mentorship and coaching on mindset, money and  mental health. Empower yourself with insights and strategies during our weekly power hour, saying goodbye to overwhelm, underpay to:

    Owning your worth every step of the way!


    Power Hour

    Q & A

    Bring your questions to our Power Hour Q & A sessions and receive divine insights and guidance, infused with prayer, bringing clarity to your path through our evocative coaching. Our goal is to help you think larger than your circumstances, shifting from condition-based thinking to vision-based thinking, so you become a vibrational match to the results you want. Remember, you are an infinite spiritual energy being having a physical experience.


    Hot Seat


    Claim the HOT SEAT in our Throne of Transformation—a divine power space where high-level coordination of masterminds in knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual harmony supports and brings your ideas to life. Each member takes the spotlight, collectively propelling dreams forward throughout the program.



    Networking Sessions

    Dive into our community of high-achieving, soul-centered individuals and embark on a journey filled with mutual support, shared prosperity, and irresistible positive vibes. Our tribe of unapologetically thriving royalties is excited to join you on your journey of authenticity, boldness, and celebration as you become truly unstoppable.

    Each session ends with:

    Prayer and Mindfulness Time

  • Duration: 15 minutes per session

  • Purpose:  Incorporate spiritual and mindfulness practices to enhance the manifestation process.

  • Format:  Guided prayers, affirmations, and mindfulness exercises led by coach Brigitte or a mentee.

  • About Brigitte O'Michaels

    Brigitte O'Michaels is a dynamic speaker, coach, author, and thought leader with a rich background and experience spanning 10 years and three continents.

    Brigitte Transitioned from a toxic marriage to become a transformational executive leadership coach and speaker, mentored by world-class thought leaders like John Maxwell, Paul Martinelli, Mary Morrisey, and others. She founded Brigitte O’Michaels LLC, a certified Woman-Owned Small Business specializing in leadership development, public speaking, coaching and training services. 

    She loves to empower ambitious professional and entrepreneurial women to dismantle obstacles, conquer self-doubt, and harness their unique strengths through her programs. While also Providing innovative solutions to cultivate fearless leaders, enhancing organizational culture and driving financial growth. Her mom's favorite quote that she loves to live by is:

    "One broken dream is not the end of dreaming. If your dreams have been broken , go to sleep for tomorrow you will dream again"

    Tomorrow's a brand new day! Let the Dreams Begin !

    `Author of Gurl Fix Your Crown™

    Exclusive Membership Privileges

  • Gurl Millionaire Lounge (Private Facebook Group):  Extend the sisterhood beyond the sessions. Connect, celebrate wins, and share your journey with a community of queens on a similar path in our exclusive Facebook group.

  • Crowned Legacy Resource Vault:  Dive deep into our curated kit filled with resources, books, and tools to keep your Gurl Millionaire Mindset and mental health going strong. Designed to help you build your Gurl Millionaire legacy with purpose and resilience.

  • Program Duration:  A divine journey spanning 6 months.

  • Investment:  Choose a divine investment plan, tailored for those ready to walk in the abundance God has prepared.

  • Join Now

    Why Gurl Millionaire Mindset Crowned in Abundance

  • Infusing faith into abundance manifestation

  • Building a sisterhood of prosperity

  • Nurturing a mindset aligned with God's promises

  • Connecting with divine purpose in business

  • Transforming your life, one prayer at a time

  • Next Step: Ready to wear your crown with purpose? Join Gurl Millionaire Mindset - Crowned in Abundance and let's embark on a journey of divine prosperity together.

  • Join Now

    Rooted in the wisdom shared in Gurl Fix Your Crown™

    This program is to celebrate the divine feminine, integrating faith, empowerment, and business strategies to create a transformative experience for the participants.

    "Remember the life you want already wants you, so its

    time to live your dreams!"

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    Minority owned, woman owned, small business.

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    😔 I'm going through the motions, but there's a nagging feeling that there's more to life.

    😔 I haven't fully tapped into my potential, and I'm not sure how to.

    😔 Overwhelm is a constant companion, but it's become so normalized that I haven't realized there's a way out. There must be more to life than this.

    😔 I'm surrounded by negativity, affecting my mindset and hindering personal and professional growth.

    Or maybe these sentiments resonate:

    😔 Comfortable routines, but I'm not living up to my true potential. It's easy to resist change and stay within the familiar.

    😔 Fear holds me back, limiting opportunities for growth and fulfillment.

    😔 Craving purpose buried beneath the day-to-day, yet to acknowledge the need to pursue what truly matters.

    If you're saying:

  • I feel a yearning for something more, a deeper purpose. I want to step into my power, but I'm not sure where to start.

  • There's a lingering sense of overwhelm. I have potential, but how do I unlock it without feeling constantly drained?

  • I desire a strong community of like-minded women. It's challenging to find genuine connections that understand and support my journey.

  • I've identified areas of improvement, but translating awareness into actionable change seems daunting.

  • Overthinking and self-doubt often hold me back. Breaking through these mental barriers feels elusive.

  • I'm aware of the need for growth, but there's a lack of clarity on the specific steps to take. It's like having a puzzle with missing pieces.

  • I want to easily and authentically attract the people I  know am called to serve rather than chasing after them

  • I'm tired of a job that no longer serves me and  I long for a vocation that makes my heart sing.

  • Conscious of the need for a mindset shift, but the 'how' is elusive. I want to embrace a new perspective, but old habits die hard.

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